About US


About us 

Our company, ASPF Ltd. was founded in 2008 to provide cable
and wireless network services. At the beginning, as a project-company
we managed to earn trust among Hungarian mobile operators and their contractors.

Utilising this capital of trust, we developed our company
and became incomparably versatile among telecom ventures. Using the owners’ many years of experience and already existing products of
fixing technology, we began developing cable clamps. Expanding the
clamps previously sold under the name ’R-Mikró’ and enlarging our
product portfolio the SPF clamp family was born. The clamps are
characterized by functionality, flexibility and handiness.

The clamp after its appearance became the preferred clamp for all three mobile operators; moreover, we have exclusivity at Vodafone Hungary and Telenor Hungary regarding the fixing of FO and DC cables. We are aware that being a small company our major advantage is flexibility, therefore we regard serving the recurring demands as our primary/main objective. Currently we are able to fully service large networks and supplying large quantities on a persistent basis.

Subsequently, we continue pursuing engineering activities. At the
moment we have more than 20 employees to implement base stations including integration as well. Our partners entrust us with complicated and complex tasks, as we can simplify the implementation of projects using our diverse network of contacts.
We honestly hope that with the broad scope of our services we can
contribute to the successes of our partners.

We believe that a long-term co-operation is not only a deal, but also the interaction of synergies.